Why Freelance Writing can be Turned into a Business

The freelance industry is a rapidly growing one. More and more people are now opting to work within the peripheries of their houses, in the schedules which suit them. It is a glamorous field, with an ability to attract many people. Even though, it is popularly believed that freelancing gives easy money, it is not the case. Once in the field, one realizes that it is equally tough a job as his/her previous office’s work. Many fail to earn the sums they dreamt of, before joining this industry. But making money through it is not that difficult either. One just needs to know the right steps to take in order to succeed as a freelancer. So if you are willing to jump into this field, considering the following tips would be a good idea:

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  1. Determine Your Niche

While it might sound fancy that a person is an expert in all of the possible fields, it really isn’t to the hirers. Being multi-disciplinary for a subject or two may be fine, but anything which is more than this, reduces the chances of you getting hired. Contractors are generally on the hunt for specialists who could expertly solve their technical issues. Therefore, having a clear understanding of what your niche is, is compulsory. But, this is not enough. Developing expertise in the specific area is also of utmost importance. If, let’s say, one’s field is related to technology, he/she should be able to solve almost all the contemporary issues of the said area. However, if you feel that you have lagged behind, enrolling in relevant online courses might help you brush your skills up.

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2.Maintain a Portfolio and a Website

Let your work speak for yourself. You do not need to reiterate your abilities and skills to various clients over and over again. Having a well-structured portfolio, which includes all your details, or a website/blog which shows your expertise is a very good idea. It is especially great for those who do not have past work experience. An excellent resume would make up for that deficiency, and establish you as a talented individual


3.Determine Your Working Conditions

Having conditions, like pay rates and techniques, kind of work, type of employer, pre-set in your mind can really help you filter out any unwanted tasks. While some of the works which do not meet your demand may seem alluring sometimes, it is not advisable to go for them. Compromising always is not good. If you get stuck in the whirlwind of offers you don’t want yourself to be doing in the next 5 years, do not take them up in the first place. Be sure of what you want. Remember: freelancing is a give and take scenario, in which both parties should advantage.

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4. Pitch Sensibly

Before you pitch to a business, study it properly. See what problems it is facing, and think of ways to solve them. Understand your client, prior to having your first discussion, to make an impression. You do not need to keep repeating your skills over and over again. You client can see those in your resume. Instead, ask him/her to elaborate what they want. Suggest ways which could resolve their issues. This is something which leaves a positive impact, and helps you stand out of the crowd.


With the tips above, you can ensure that you are one of those few freelancers who are actually making the most out of this wonderful field. Following them, and abiding by your work ethics religiously can really do the magic!

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